Scrum Master: Self-assessment Checklist

As an Agile Coach, you are responsible for mentoring Agile roles. A common questions you might be asked by Scrum Masters is how they are doing in their new role. Rather than dumping down your opinions on to them which might make them react defensively, you could take the path of self-management and share a self-assessment checklist with them. Of course, you could offer them your time if they need to discuss their assessment, have any questions or need some ideas for further improvement in their journey.

Below are my thoughts on the checklist Scrum Master could use for their self-assessment and growth.

Download Scrum Master Self-Assessment Checklist

This assessment is broken down into seven key responsibility dimensions:

  1. Acquire expert knowledge on Agile
  2. Foster an effective working relationship between PO and Dev team
  3. Facilitate team meetings effectively
  4. Help team track their work in a timely manner
  5. Remove impediments and unnecessary distractions
  6. Establish collaborative team environment
  7. Promote High performance team culture

Here are some guidelines on how this checklist may be used:

  • Scrum Masters/Teach Coaches could use it to assess how they are doing at present
  • Each action item under different responsibilities may be marked as Low, Med or High, depending on how well and how often they do a particular action
  • This checklist might help identify focus areas for team coaches for next few weeks, depending on their current performance
  • This assessment is not recommended to be used to compare team coaches

Please review if it makes sense to you, and feel free to enhance it with your experience.

Look forward to hear your thoughts…

Download Scrum Master Self-Assessment Checklist

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