Why be Agile

10 Key Benefits of Agile

Why adopt Agile? What benefits can we expect from Agile?

Often this question is answered with a standard “better or faster ROI”, especially when the idea of Agile is being sold to management. While “faster ROI” sounds realistic, I feel “better or more ROI” may not always be the case, especially in the beginning when the team/org is going through the learning curve. But, there will definitely be other benefits of adopting Agile ways of working.

Below is a list of benefits that could be expected an Agile transition (in due course of time, not instantly):

  1. Better collaboration with customer

    – Understand customer needs better and seek continuous feedback on work completed, rather than working in a disconnected (highly presumptive) manner.

  2. Value-driven development

    – Build only what really matters, and nothing else. A case in point – most product surveys reveal than more than 50% of product features are rarely or never used.

  3. Faster time to market

    – Build products continuously and deliver frequently.

  4. Self-managing teams

    – Empower and support team to do things on their own, so team members feel connected with their work and take pride in it – leading to a motivated team environment.

  5. Sustainable and Predictable pace of development

    – Achieve a consistent and sustainable pace of development rather than periods of complacency followed by bursts of panic and chaos.

  6. More responsiveness to change

    – Respond to change with a focus on maximizing value rather than resisting change to maximize planned productivity.

  7. Better Transparency

    – Agile improves transparency among team members, and between team and external stakeholders (customer/management)

  8. Continuously evolving process

    – Team evolves the development process so it is most effective for the given context and its challenges.

  9. Reduced process waste

    – A side effect of building what really matters, faster feedback cycle and continuously evolving process.

  10. Better Product Quality

    – A side effect of faster feedback cycles, collective code ownership and continuously evolving process.

Thanks for reading this post. Look forward to hear your views.

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